Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Album

1.God is Everything
This song tell us about Allah and we as Muslim cannot disobey Him. This song also tell us how beautiful Islam is create for us and Islam is the only religion that are create by Allah.

2.My Life
This song are create by myself and tell us how my life is going on. From this song you can know me better.

This song i wrote special for my lovely mom. I know that my mom have sacrifice everything to make me happy and now the time for me to pay back to my mom. I love you mom.

This song just to say thank you to all my friend. To me friend is forever and people cannot live with out any friend.

This song made by my close friend for me. This song is all about teenagers live.

This song tell us about a man that have been lonely. This man is really shy to talk with a girl and he do not know how to approach a girl. Lastly, this man make decision to be change.

7.I wanna Love You
This song actually from my idol with is Bob Marley. I sing this song back with my own style but in the same genre with is reggae.

8.You and Me
This song for sweet couple. They already plan for their future and they want to build happy family.

9.Gud Nite My Lover
This is very romantic song that the man dedicate to their girlfriend almost every night. The man will play the guitar and sing this song for their lover to make his girlfriend smiles a long the night before she sleep.

10.High School Rocker
Another song that I wrote by myself. This Song will tell us about my life when I'm in high school. This is the time for to have fun because that time is my final year in the school.Even though I have problem in school and very naughty that time but I'm still not forget to study for my final.

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