Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Album

1.God is Everything
This song tell us about Allah and we as Muslim cannot disobey Him. This song also tell us how beautiful Islam is create for us and Islam is the only religion that are create by Allah.

2.My Life
This song are create by myself and tell us how my life is going on. From this song you can know me better.

This song i wrote special for my lovely mom. I know that my mom have sacrifice everything to make me happy and now the time for me to pay back to my mom. I love you mom.

This song just to say thank you to all my friend. To me friend is forever and people cannot live with out any friend.

This song made by my close friend for me. This song is all about teenagers live.

This song tell us about a man that have been lonely. This man is really shy to talk with a girl and he do not know how to approach a girl. Lastly, this man make decision to be change.

7.I wanna Love You
This song actually from my idol with is Bob Marley. I sing this song back with my own style but in the same genre with is reggae.

8.You and Me
This song for sweet couple. They already plan for their future and they want to build happy family.

9.Gud Nite My Lover
This is very romantic song that the man dedicate to their girlfriend almost every night. The man will play the guitar and sing this song for their lover to make his girlfriend smiles a long the night before she sleep.

10.High School Rocker
Another song that I wrote by myself. This Song will tell us about my life when I'm in high school. This is the time for to have fun because that time is my final year in the school.Even though I have problem in school and very naughty that time but I'm still not forget to study for my final.

Friday, October 9, 2009

10 fact about me

1.Addict to computer game
To me computer game is fun. The game that I love to play is Dota and Fifa Online. Actually, I'm not that good enough to play Dota because i just learn how to play that game. When I went back to KL, I and my friend always go to the cyber cafe just to play this game and we always go at the night until 3.00 am. One more think is hope that I can play this with Afiq because he also the one who are addict with this game.

2.Love cat
Cat is a very cute animal. I just have 2 cat that i really love with is " Merah " and " Kembang " but Merah already lost because someones stole it. Sometimes I love to tease my cat because it very cute and chubby. One more thing that I love my cat is because my cat love to scratch and bite my hand and it nothing to me.

3.Like kids
It's sound weird right? but that the true. Maybe it's because kids is very cute. Even though I like kids but I never take care of kids because it so hard to take care of them. I just love to play with kids because kids is very cute to me.

To me friend s forever. I know that we all have family and family is the first. To me friend is the first and I don't know why.. It is because I and my sibling is not so close and we are not same. This is the true, when ever I have problem the first person that I will find is my best friend Syahmi, Zul or Zaki but in here (UiTM) I will find my new best with is Sanat. I will share my problem with them. Thanks to all my friend.

5.Like sport
I like to play any kind of sport but my favourite spot is futsal and badminton. I fell better when playing spot. Last months, my class was won first prizes in futsal tournament in DIBA’s family day. I fell so happy because we win that tournament and I'm happy because can play with all my classmate.

6.Hard to sleep at night
Don't ask me why?? I also don't why, since I'm 15 years old I can't sleep at 10.00m to 12.00pm. My time to sleep is around 2.00am to 4.00am and that why I can play Dota until 3.00am, hehehe. I think it's my habit and it's normal for me but my hobby is not sleep and dislike to sleep in evening. I will sleep in evening if and only that I really tired.

7.Hard to wake up in morning
Maybe it's normal because I also hard to sleep at night in return also hard to wake up in the morning. It is does not mean I always skip all my morning class, I still can wake up but it hard to me and because of this attitude I and Dhamiri always late go to class in the morning. Sorry Miri.

8.Good Listener
Maybe I'm a good listener. It is because I love to share my problem with my friend and they also always share their problem with me. Sometimes I also give advice to my friend but I cannot motivated myself. That is my weakness and I need friend to motivated me.

9.Talkative person
I'm not sure whether it is true or not. To me I'm talkative person but i can talk when it is unformal and i cannot talk in formal or talk in front of many people. I also cannot talk with the girl that are new to me. I also realize that I love to make
joke and I really loves jokes.

10.Fan of Arsenal
I'm not say that I'm a big fan of Arsenal. Arsenal is my favourite football team. Actually, the manager is very good and I love the ways he manage their team. If I'm not mistake the manager actually have Master In Economic but he can manage the football team very well.

Monday, August 17, 2009

My classmate

1. It's me Hafiz

2. Dhamiri
He is from Ampang with is same place with Kashfi. He is quick good in academic but he like to show off when he get highers mark in any subject. I know him since we in part1 and he is very funny person. another thing that i know about him is he good in playing futsal.

The only guy from Muar. Zaki and Kashfi always tease him maybe because they live in same collage and he always go to class together. This semester he shows good improvement in any subject. I always pray for you Afiq.

The guy that I know since form 2. There are many thing that I can describe about him but not here. Zaki is smart person but a bit lazy. There are many sweet memories that we have been through together and the thing that I can forget is he always help me when ever I need him. I also want to say thank because of him I get good result for my SPM and continue my study. Thank you so much Zaki.

The tallest person in class. Always fell asleep in class unintentionally. when comes to test or final he always study with Zaki and he can score the test or final. He love to play football and futsal. He also nice person because I and Zaki always went back to KL together.

He is my roommate in last semester. we call him Evra. Actually he not from our class last semester but i still can describe him because I already know him since part 1. Even though he is Commander, he have problem in wake up in the morning same as me. This semester i noticed that he already solve the problem in wake up in the morning. That's good Evra.

7.Hafiz Ahmad.
The guy who have same name with me and we call him Frankie. He is one of the unique person in my class. I think in our class he only the who love to story about politics. He also the one who always have good ideas in speaking but he always get nervousness when talks to people. He also smart guy in our class.

Evra best friend because he also Commander. He is very easy going person. He always remind me about any assignment and we always study together. Actually he is simple person and maybe he is new in our class so he quick quiet in the class.

She is a good person even though she is quiet in the class. I still remember the time that i and Zaki ask for her help. That time I and Zaki already at KL and do not have past semester paper for ECO and we ask her photostat the past semester question for us. Thank you Suatika.

One of the girl who are brave in class. She have a good self-confidence especially when it comes to volunteering to answer a question in class. I think she is very hard working person.

She is new student in our class and before this she in D3 class so do not know her very much. Hope we can know each other better.

She is Ita best friend because every where they go, they must be together. We know each other since part 1, what i can say about her is she is very nice person.

She is nice girl in our class and very quiet in our class. She also one of the new girl in our class and because of that i think she very quiet in class. Even though she quiet in class, I can see that she is very smart girl in our class and always score every test.

She looks like Nisa best friend because before this they in the same class then change to our class. I also do not know why they change class. She is new in our class so i cannot describe her so much.

We know each other since part1. She very nice person and she have a lot secret. She is easy going person and very talkative so there is no problem to chat with him. Other than that, she live in Sg. buluh with is near to my house so we are neighbour.

The chubby girl in our class. She comes from Muar with is same place with Afiq and from what I know, there already know each other because their mom is a friend. She is very sporting and friendly in our class.

She is Yana and Mira best friend. She is quick quiet in our class but I know that she is very good in English.

She also quiet girl in our class and a bit shy with a boy in the class. Even though she quick shy in class it does mean that she is empty. She is very hard working person and never escape every single class.

I call her Nana but all their friend call her Yana. I know her since we are part1, she is very cute girl in our class and smart. One thing that I know about her is she loves to giggle a lot and love to smiles.

we call her Ita. I also know that she has a twin who looks exactly like her. Last 2 sem she quick shy in class but this sem we already close and she looks likes easy going persons.

She is very talkative person and i don't have any problem to close with her because she will always share their story with us. She also very brave to voice up in class and very hardworking.

14.Liyana Nazri
We all call him Lana. She is very fluent in English same as Kashfi. She also have very good confident in the class and always ask when ever she don't understand. She always being together with Sina and Siti Sarizah. They were stay at the same college, Sempana Alam Buana.

She is new in our class same as Nisa and Wanie. I can see that she is very focused in class and quick smart girl. Sorry, I don't know her well and I hope we can know each other better.

She very quiet in class. She also best friend of Ifa because she stay at the same collage. Even though we now since part1, I can't describe her much because she very shy and quiet in class.

She is very closed with Nana. I know that she loves to makes a jokes and always make their friend laugh. She also talkative girl and easy to make friend with her.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Subject For This Semester

Assalamualaikum to Mr Izwan and to all my fellow bloggers. Today I would like to tell you guys about the subject that I take for this semester. For your information, this semester I have to face 7 tough subject. The subject that I will take this semester is BEll 311, FIN 262, ECO 211, CTU 241, QMT 216, BMD101, and the last subject is co curriculum HSK 119.

First subject is English for Academic Purposes (BELL 311). My Lecturer for this subject is Sir Izwan. Since I attend his class for a month, I think that he is really a nice person. Sir Izwan really help his student a lot especially in improving writing skills. Other than that Sir Izwan asked us to do weekly writing assignment which means we have to post our writing in our blog. This subject really help me and my classmate in many different ways.

My second subject is Fundamentals of Finance (FIN 262). This is my favourite subject since En Syamsyul teach us for this subject. This subject involve a lot of calculation and I like anything that have to do with numbers. The way he teach us is very unique and he will make sure that all of us will understand before he proceed to next chapter. He also give us advice how to get 'A' in this subject. I will promise to myself that I will score for this subject.

My third subject is Macroeconomics (ECO 211). This my second favourite subject. I love economic since I was studying in secondary school because at the teacher. I like the way at she teach us in school before because she always force their students to do the work that she give. Alhamdulillah, I get an A for this Macroeconomics even though I know that this subject quick tough for me.

My next subject is Introduction to Statistic (QMT 216). For your information this subject involve in calculation and a lot of graph. I like the calculation and a lot of graph. I like the calculation part but I hate the graph part because I really weak in drawing. I hope that I can score for this subject even though I dislike in drawing.

Next subject that compulsory to me is Asas Ekonomi Islam (CTU 241). This subject is teaches by Ustaz Nawawi. This subject is all about economic in Islamic perspective and I really interest to learn this subject.

I also take third language subject which is Mandarin (BMD 101). My lecture on this subject is Mr. Zhang Pang Hwa. This is my first time I learn third language and I found it hard to learn this language. This subject is new for me and I Have to put more afford to learn this subject.

My last subject is Basketball (HSK 119), which is my co-curriculum. Actually I have to take this subject because I follow my friend, Afiq. I don't know how to play basketball, and I hope this my new sport that I want to learn and play for this semester.

I think that's all for this week,bye bye.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Live being a senior

Assalamualaikum to all readers..

Today, I would like to share with you guys of my experience being a senior. It is not easy to be a senior as I have face my junior years. Actually I am not that senior because I am just part 3. To become a real senior, we should be in part 5 and part 6. In my situation I am a senior to part 1 and part 2 students only. In my junior years, I give respect, prioritized and depend on senior and I expect that juniors will do the same towards me.

In part 3 I still have to respect others seniors and at the same time junior need to show respect to me as well. They acknowledge me wherever and whenever they see me. Besides, junior must prioritized me just as same as I prioritized other senior. Other than that, I like to be a senior because most junior come to me to ask question, notes and some of them ask me to teach them certain thing that they do not know. The other thing that I like the most is i can escape from attending any activities that are organized by UiTM as I can give my activity card to them to get a activity stamp. This the part where I bully my juniors.

Being a senior there is not many speciality since our religion thought us to respect other people in other to gain respect from others also. This is all that I can share with you guys about my life being a senior.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Roommates

Assalamualaikum,to all my readers,in last few days I have told you guys about myself and today I would like to share with you guys about my roommate.Right now I am studying at UiTM Johor and live in college Taming Sari.I am staying at the same room for almost 3 semesters which is room number 225.At my college,I have to share a room with another 3 students.

Now I would like to introduce my first roommate.His name is Muhammad Hazwan bin Hairuddin and here I use to call him 'Sanat'.He live at Tampin,Negeri Sembilan and his birthday is on 9 April 1990.He is studying in Diploma Quantitative Science(DQS) and he is also one of DQS academic exco.One thing I really know about him is he like to play football and he also a big fan of Manchester United.Another thing,Sanat from 4 sibling and his brother is studying at the same UiTM with us.

My second roommate name is Muhammad Azrai bin Zolkefry and I used to call him 'Ciku'.He was born at Hospital Besar Melaka and his birthday at 25 November 1990.At UiTM Johor,ciku takes Diploma in Business Studies as a major course.He tells me that he like to stare at the moon and count the star.He is a funny person and I always laugh he is with me and for your information ciku is still single and available.

My last roommate name is Ahmad Jamaluddin bin Abdul Razak.We all call him 'Wak Jam'.He is the senior among 3 of us because he was born at 5 October 1989 and he comes from Shah Alam.Wak Jam also take the same course with ciku which is Diploma in Business Studies (DBS).He likes to play football and he also the captain of UiTM Johor football team for the Karnival Sukan Mahasiswa UiTM (KARISMA) tournament.At my room he and sanat always talk about football and arguing with sanat because he is a big fan of Chelsea.

I think that's all for this week and thank you because read my blog.Looking forward to see you guys next week.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

About me

Assalamualaikum,to all readers, my name is Muhammad Hafiz Bin Abdul Malek, I'm from Kuala Lumpur and live in Bandar Sri Damansara. I'm Banking student part3 and that mean i already 1year in UiTM Segamat. I'm the third from 5 sibling.

My favourite food is Thailand food. I love any kind of Thailand food especially Tom Yam, it is because it very special and it taste spicy. My favourite drink is Iced Lemon Tea. Do you know, why i like Iced Lemon Tea?? It is because Iced Lemon Tea is simple and easy to make it. The mix of tea and lemon is simple but it is good for our health and you should try it. My favourite movie is 'Transformers', 'Harry Potter' and 'I'm not single'. I love 'Transformers' and 'Harry Potter' because the story line of the movie is unique and full of adventure . I love 'I'm not single' because the actor and the actress are my favourite celebrity and i really like them.

About my family, my father's name is Abdul Malek Bin Hasan. He works as a businessman at Bandar Sri Damansara. He is a strict person and because of him, I'm thankful for what he has done to me throughout the year such as forcing his sons to study hard so that we can get a good job. My lovely mother's name is Noriah Binti Sorojoyo. She does not work but just helping my father's business. I love my mum so much because she never force her sons and always give us space to make own decision. That is all about me. Thank you.